This is the brand new website for me - the Sports Buff. This is my pub. It might not look like a pub, but that's because you're not really here - you're just reading my web page. I am in a pub though. I can tell because it reminds me of home.

Do you like fantasy sports? Because I do. I'm an absolute sports buff and I like reading, writing and playing all sorts of amazing sports, fantasy or otherwise. My favourite sports fantasy is to run on the pitch naked during a major final and take a big... well, that's not important right now. When you're in the buff and trying to outrun a dozen police, bowels will probably be ripe for opening, but I'm not sure I'll be able to control the flow, as it were.

Do you enjoy the best fantasy sports entertainment on the web?

When not playing actual sports, I'm usually gambling my life away (or should that be gambolling?) on the poker trail. You know, taking a dive, hittin' the beaks, fluffin' the towels - all that kind of crazy poker gangsta jive. Whether it's texas hold 'em, or doing something dangerous with the flop in the river - with hot cards in your hand you know that I'm going to be there with my beer, darts in the background, and some large man throwing up in the cubicle next to me later on in the evening.

So - the real question is: why leave the pub when you can get your daily dose of the latest sports news right here?

Oh, in other awesome news, the Sportalicious! website is back up and running. Finally out its winter slumber it's back, fresher than ever, and looking to score either woman or money in some manner consistent with reality. Or maybe not.

Speaking of reality, I was in Vegas the other week and an insanely attractive woman told me I looked just like the dead British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Well, didn't it just knock her socks clean off when I told her: "You're not going to believe this, but I thought YOU were British Prime Minister Winston Churchill". We laughed, we danced, we fondled. It was a good night until dong met dong, if you know what I mean.

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